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Sunday blinking sunday….


even though its the weekend theres still no time off from our rather ambitious target of 1000 comps in a year, we are trying to get head of ourselves as we recognise that we’ll get bored if we don’t start winning pretty darn soon, and I just hope its not those horrendous trays

anyway here goes eyes down for a full house….

Comp no 86

Mrs C just sneaked this one in, we’ve liked this page and we could win £500 tesco vouchers (bit of a faff doing all the other comps/no win no fees/survey things that you have to decline) http://tescos500.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/?ref=s

comp no. 85


I know we.ve entered this one before but its for£50k BMW and a holiday so I thought we’d take advantage of having 2 emails is that morally acceptable who knows

comp no 84

http://www.france24.com/en/GDMUKA you just need to put your email address into this to win a galaxy nexus smartphone

comp no 83


for the chance to win £1000 topay towards a household bill the answer is 20%. this is the one i want to win tonight so far

comp no.82


the answer is france.  although as the prize is only 6 pint glasses it depends whether or not you can be bothered, sometimes like a robber spending 6 months digging a tunnel to get 6 grand its not really worth the effort of filling in the forms

comp no. 81



1. America’s Next Top Model
2. Jennifer Lopez
3. Jennifer Hudson
4. New York
5. Mark Wahlberg
6. Amy Winehouse
7. Amy Grant
8. Ross Kemp
9. David Schwimmer
10. Genie

its for the chance to win downton abbey dvds and a DAB radio

right i’m off to watch Sherlock now such is the rock and roll nature of our life, good luck to everybody but especially us!!!!!!


Are we there yet….


Just a few from me, Mr C……

Comp number 66

http://www.itv.com/biggestloser/competition1/ the hardest thing about these competitions is reading the anti spam words that you have to type in.  the answer is c.  Its a chance to win a holiday to Orlando plus £5k


Competition number 67

http://www.evanscycles.com/pages/win-the-ultimate-cycling-prize-pack its a chance to win £7k worth of bike stuff including a £4k bike (that’ll be straight on ebay if we win) how can a bike cost that much you could buy a car, you could pay for a months worth of petrol for that amount of money

Competition number 68

http://www.ivillage.co.uk/win-a-copy-jennifer-ellisons-fat-blaster-workout-dvd/143022 is it acceptable to give a weight loss dvd as a birthday present to Mrs C?? I may find out if she’s happy to get it if we win

Competition number 69

http://hearthomemag.co.uk/giveaway-mariska-meijers-abstract-trays/ if heart home magazine are excited to offer some trays i’m excited to win them alright they’ll end up on ebay as well

Competition number 70

http://uk.westfield.com/derby/newsletter-sign-up its a £1000 holiday vouchers available, we have to win at least one don’t we?????

 bye for tonight….



and here’s to a prosperus New Year!!!


Well thought we would start as we mean to go on! been a bit quiet over the weekend as had other things to do – like celebrate the New Year!!! May be next year we will be sunning ourselves on a Comp holiday!!! Going to have to do a lot of comps to get to our 1000 target!

Competition 27

be nice to win a 3 day break in a Champney’s hotel – but Mrs M had to join a competition page (bit too complicated) so doubt we’ll win with her one point!! http://tokens.dorsetcereals.co.uk/prizes

Competition 26

Mrs M really wants a pandora but if its free who is she to refuse!! http://www.trollbeads.co.uk/competition.html

Competition 25

Another holdiay for 2 to the Maldives – bit of a theme going on here! http://www.netflights.com/win-a-holiday-with-qatar-airways.aspx

Competition 24

 Win 2012 every month definitely enter that one! http://www.itv.com/daybreak/competitions/comp1/default.html

Competition 23

we so need a new camera – especially if we win a holiday (lol!!) http://www.agmpublishing.co.uk/?pageaction=competition&aid=4&cid=5&ref=competitionstoday

Competition 22

We kind of have a 3D telly – if you mean one that isn’t flat (lol) hope we win this 3D TV and a fab tablet! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/promotions/8970240/Win-a-Sony-NX723-HD-3D-TV-and-LED-Backlit-Tablet-S-entry-form.html

Competition 21

£20,00o with Loose Women!!! http://www.itv.com/lifestyle/loosewomen/comp/lwcomptwo/default.html

Competition 20

We tend to go on cottage holidays so a £500 voucher would be really handy! https://competitionbox.net/cottages4you-voucher

Competition 19

holiday to Ireland – sounds really good! http://www.key103.co.uk/win/Win-a-holiday-to-Ireland/

Competition Number 18

Win a sofa worth £2,500 – we’ve had our sofa nearly as long as we have been married!!! this would be soooooo good! https://housetohome.ipcmediasecure.com/competitions/show/id/60325

Competition Number 17

Win a luxury bed worth £1000 – shame it doesn’t guarantee a full night’s sleep – if its that good our little one will definitely be in it! https://housetohome.ipcmediasecure.com/competitions/show/id/60355

competition Number 16

Win a new bathroom! would that be fantastic! https://housetohome.ipcmediasecure.com/competitions/show/id/60354

Competition Number 15

A new carpet cleaner – yes please – ours died in the summer!! https://housetohome.ipcmediasecure.com/competitions/show/id/60348

Competition Number 14

the ultimate hiking experience!! we’ll probably be airlifted out of Canada! but at least we’ll look good!! http://www.travelontario.co.uk/ontario-outdoor-adventure.html

Competition Number 13

holiday to Hawaii for 6, £50K and a BMW now that’s what we call a prize – gotta be in it to win it!! (it would be ironic if we did win as it is number 13!!) http://www.itv.com/lifestyle/thismorningcompetitions/competitionone/default.html

Competition Number 12

Could do with £200 vouchers for ASDA!! http://www.facebook.com/insidesoap?sk=wall#!/insidesoap?sk=app_275077949209299

Competition Number 11

Even Better holiday for 2 to the Maldives!!! wouldn’t that be fab! http://www.itv.com/entertainment/whowantstobeamillionairelive/default.html

Competition Number 10

Holiday for 2 to cyprus courtesy of Neutradol! One way to celebrate Mrs M’s 40th!! http://www.neutradol.com/cyprus-break-competition-entry-form.html