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The sun is shining what a fab day!!


Yeah, the sun is shining looks like the wind has dropped – what a fantastic start to the day!! Can’t believe how many competitions we’ve entered so far – feel free to leave us a comment if you are reading this! It is a funny position to be in, last night we were looking at the comps thinking ‘no we won’t enter that one’ or ‘no don’t fancy that’ or ‘don’t want to enter that one because if we win that will it somehow effect our luck on the bigger ones!!’- how bizarre is that? Never thought there was a psychology to entering competitions – we just thought we’d start at the top and enter everything! Picky after day 4 ha ha!!! Any one reading this – which ones do you enter or not enter – any you avoid?? Must say, the ones that require lots of effort we’ve avoided so far – or the ones that require ‘describe in 100 words’ – always think we’ll do that tomorrow!!! Perhaps we should be entering those ones because less people will enter!!! who knows!