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We’re Back!!!


Yes I know we haven’t been around for a while, well first there were the germs and then it was half term – then Mrs C turned the big 40 so lots of celebration there! so now back to business we must win some comps (however, we will be avoiding weekends away as we don’t think the inlaws could stand another weekend with our three!!!) Good Luck everyone!!

Competition 161

Could do with some lovely bedding and curtains!!

Competition 160

Think our kids could do with some new coats! Barbours – do nicely thanks!!

Competition 159

After the weekend we just had with the fantastic bathroom we really need to win this one!!  (oak)

Competition 158

We would just love to have some fruit trees – be great in our garden! (its the citrus one)

Competition 157

Mrs C keeps on saying she is doing the race for life, well if she ever gets off her backside she’ll need some of these!!! Newton Isaac running shoes – the answer is the left one you need to join (and say you are a runner – altho triathlete was tempting considering the amount of crap we regularly have to negotiate following a mad dash to school!)

Competition 156

Win some hands free video camera??? answer is b)

Competition 155

Could do with the £5k and all the other stuff (answer c)

Competition 154

£300 for a red letter day to spend with your mum!! how nice!

Competition number 153

Win an ipad2 – something about a music panel – not sure how it works but hey ho! looks like they send you a survey to complete in a few days

Competition number 152

Would love to win a suzuki swift! we think that tubes won!!

Competition number 151

We would just love to win £750 towards a cottage and also some white stuff stuff too!! (we just love clotted cream too!!)

Competition number 150

Love to win a kindle!! just like the pages and subscribe to to blog

Competition number 149

£1000 of entertainment stuff courtesy of cadbury – and something to do with Colin Jackson!!

Competition number 148

hopefully we’ll win this one! pampering for all the girlies! Mr C would love that one – there are three varieties of the said beer!

Competition number 147

What would we do with £60k, a car and loads of gadgets!!! lol!!!  And there is no question!


From the sick bed……


…well there is no such thing as an unproductive day – so best fill in some comps even tho’ am poorly!!!

No 146

love a kindle (which was introduced in 2007) and some money for amazon!!

No 145

I love le creuset sooooo much and now i hope to win some!!

No 144

think i would like the £30k prize too c)

No 143

last weeks daybreak comp – win one of two cars!!! wouldn’t say no! oops sorry think the answer was a)

No 142

Really could do with a £500 voucher from the Style Standard!

No 141

And now for something from the Orange Baftas – win a goody bag of lovelies!!!

No 140

Cos diamonds are a girl’s best friend!


No 139

Wow a romantic weekend at Lumley Castle in County Durham how fantastic

No 138

Would love to win this one, trip to lego land for 2 Adults and 3 Children  at the windsor resort hotel – need a special code GHSDKS –



Hope we get this one, sign up for the newsletters for these and each are offering a chance to win £250 vouchers!! &

No 136

now definitely need this one, if only to make me feel better!! choose your favourite green and black collection and you’re entered into a raffle!!

No wins yet but you never know what’s around the corner!!


Although knowing our luck its a) another corner, b) the end of the road or c) a great big Juggernaut

……….the correct answer is obviously c) and this is one I think we’ll win… oh well lets plod on fighting against the unending grind of life… yes its been a long weekend

no 135 fill this form in to win a goody bag – just have to say how lovely your feet are!!!

no 134 could do with the £250 vouchers for john lewis, what a lovely company to provide such useful downloadable checklists!!!

No 133 ok this is a very large bin bag to go over your washing line so you can dry your washing outside when its raining! not sure that it won’t blow off like a giant parachute but hey ho all in the name of ‘natural’ drying which of course is the best way!!

No 132 win £300 just for liking the designer outlet facebook page!!

No. 131

yes the weathers so crap i’m desperate for a holiday its another weekend away theanswer is 2  

No. 130

the answer is apparently c


its a slim chance to win a weekend away, you can tell i’m getting cynical now

No. 128

its for a chance to win an IPod you can get extra chances to win with either facebook or twitter not that that applies to me though!!!

No 127

Can’t believe it’s the end of Jan!!!


Can’t believe that it is the end of the month – but we’ve done so well 126 competitions!!! Shame we can’t find ones for things we need like ..a new car… a log burning stove…. complete house redecoration….landscape garden…oh and a driveway (for the new car!) but we’ve got a theme – mainly holidays!!! got a bit frustrated tonight with sites that make you tick lots of ‘sponsors’ grrrrrr which has taken lots of time and then we’ve just binned! but some of the ones below look really good! just hoping someone wins something soon!!! good luck!!!

Comp no 126

this would be way cooler!!! a holiday in a scottish castle!!! ‘out damm spot’ and all that!! fantastic and you get holiday money and a swish dinner for two!

Comp no 125

 i think this would be soooo cool, its one of my favourite 1920’s films!!! now its for four people…..who to take!! (gutted about the £3,000 primark voucher one though, have to register to receive a call from npower to enter – not likely!!)

Comp no 124

another trip to New York – sounds great a stay in China Town!!


Comp no 123

We would love to win this, we went to New York back in ’95 be great to go back and do it in style!!

comp no 122

really want to win a two night spa breakin a suite at the Brooklands Hotel

Sneaky extra one!


Comp No 121

Bit weird this one, click on the banner at the top you then have to work out which options to tick, mine were all around the picture so fingers crossed i checked the right one!!!!

oops forgot to say what it was! truth be told I can’t remember something to do with Desperate Housewives and Hollywood – probably another holiday!! lol :0)

Just found it again – it was a trip to Hollywood courtesy of Perle de lait/Yoplait!!

It’s all go here!!


Well while Mr C is busying himself putting up cabin beds, cooking tea and putting the kids to bed, Mrs C thought she would enter a few compies!! Thanks to all our facebook friends for giving us lots of tips! Don’t forget to like us!! lol :0)

Comp No 120

Romantic holiday for 2 to Morrocco …..

Comp no 119

A love potion, a three course meal and an overnight stay in London… who shall I take ……..

Comp no 118

Hope we get this one, weekend break to European city for two (p.s. the answer is in the question!!)

Comp no 117

Dr Who competition for a TV etc (shame Dr Who doesn’t deliver it too!!) just like the page and enter the details!!!

Comp No 116

Good old Daybreak what would we do without them!!!! This week its £25,000!! (must remember to watch This Morning and Loose Women more often – just to take one for the team of course!) its a) can’t remember the question but sure i thought to myself ‘must remember a’

Comp no 115

Done this one again with e-bookers – simple enough like the page and enter the competition, apparently it changes every day and you can enter everyday – that’s 365 that we don’t have to worry about!!