Monthly Archives: March 2012

We’re Back!!!


Yes I know we haven’t been around for a while, well first there were the germs and then it was half term – then Mrs C turned the big 40 so lots of celebration there! so now back to business we must win some comps (however, we will be avoiding weekends away as we don’t think the inlaws could stand another weekend with our three!!!) Good Luck everyone!!

Competition 161

Could do with some lovely bedding and curtains!!

Competition 160

Think our kids could do with some new coats! Barbours – do nicely thanks!!

Competition 159

After the weekend we just had with the fantastic bathroom we really need to win this one!!  (oak)

Competition 158

We would just love to have some fruit trees – be great in our garden! (its the citrus one)

Competition 157

Mrs C keeps on saying she is doing the race for life, well if she ever gets off her backside she’ll need some of these!!! Newton Isaac running shoes – the answer is the left one you need to join (and say you are a runner – altho triathlete was tempting considering the amount of crap we regularly have to negotiate following a mad dash to school!)

Competition 156

Win some hands free video camera??? answer is b)

Competition 155

Could do with the £5k and all the other stuff (answer c)

Competition 154

£300 for a red letter day to spend with your mum!! how nice!

Competition number 153

Win an ipad2 – something about a music panel – not sure how it works but hey ho! looks like they send you a survey to complete in a few days

Competition number 152

Would love to win a suzuki swift! we think that tubes won!!

Competition number 151

We would just love to win £750 towards a cottage and also some white stuff stuff too!! (we just love clotted cream too!!)

Competition number 150

Love to win a kindle!! just like the pages and subscribe to to blog

Competition number 149

£1000 of entertainment stuff courtesy of cadbury – and something to do with Colin Jackson!!

Competition number 148

hopefully we’ll win this one! pampering for all the girlies! Mr C would love that one – there are three varieties of the said beer!

Competition number 147

What would we do with £60k, a car and loads of gadgets!!! lol!!!  And there is no question!