Monthly Archives: February 2012

From the sick bed……


…well there is no such thing as an unproductive day – so best fill in some comps even tho’ am poorly!!!

No 146

love a kindle (which was introduced in 2007) and some money for amazon!!

No 145

I love le creuset sooooo much and now i hope to win some!!

No 144

think i would like the £30k prize too c)

No 143

last weeks daybreak comp – win one of two cars!!! wouldn’t say no! oops sorry think the answer was a)

No 142

Really could do with a £500 voucher from the Style Standard!

No 141

And now for something from the Orange Baftas – win a goody bag of lovelies!!!

No 140

Cos diamonds are a girl’s best friend!


No 139

Wow a romantic weekend at Lumley Castle in County Durham how fantastic

No 138

Would love to win this one, trip to lego land for 2 Adults and 3 Children  at the windsor resort hotel – need a special code GHSDKS –



Hope we get this one, sign up for the newsletters for these and each are offering a chance to win £250 vouchers!! &

No 136

now definitely need this one, if only to make me feel better!! choose your favourite green and black collection and you’re entered into a raffle!!


No wins yet but you never know what’s around the corner!!


Although knowing our luck its a) another corner, b) the end of the road or c) a great big Juggernaut

……….the correct answer is obviously c) and this is one I think we’ll win… oh well lets plod on fighting against the unending grind of life… yes its been a long weekend

no 135 fill this form in to win a goody bag – just have to say how lovely your feet are!!!

no 134 could do with the £250 vouchers for john lewis, what a lovely company to provide such useful downloadable checklists!!!

No 133 ok this is a very large bin bag to go over your washing line so you can dry your washing outside when its raining! not sure that it won’t blow off like a giant parachute but hey ho all in the name of ‘natural’ drying which of course is the best way!!

No 132 win £300 just for liking the designer outlet facebook page!!

No. 131

yes the weathers so crap i’m desperate for a holiday its another weekend away theanswer is 2  

No. 130

the answer is apparently c


its a slim chance to win a weekend away, you can tell i’m getting cynical now

No. 128

its for a chance to win an IPod you can get extra chances to win with either facebook or twitter not that that applies to me though!!!

No 127