Can’t believe it’s the end of Jan!!!


Can’t believe that it is the end of the month – but we’ve done so well 126 competitions!!! Shame we can’t find ones for things we need like ..a new car… a log burning stove…. complete house redecoration….landscape garden…oh and a driveway (for the new car!) but we’ve got a theme – mainly holidays!!! got a bit frustrated tonight with sites that make you tick lots of ‘sponsors’ grrrrrr which has taken lots of time and then we’ve just binned! but some of the ones below look really good! just hoping someone wins something soon!!! good luck!!!

Comp no 126

this would be way cooler!!! a holiday in a scottish castle!!! ‘out damm spot’ and all that!! fantastic and you get holiday money and a swish dinner for two!

Comp no 125

 i think this would be soooo cool, its one of my favourite 1920’s films!!! now its for four people…..who to take!! (gutted about the £3,000 primark voucher one though, have to register to receive a call from npower to enter – not likely!!)

Comp no 124

another trip to New York – sounds great a stay in China Town!!


Comp no 123

We would love to win this, we went to New York back in ’95 be great to go back and do it in style!!

comp no 122

really want to win a two night spa breakin a suite at the Brooklands Hotel


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