It’s all go here!!


Well while Mr C is busying himself putting up cabin beds, cooking tea and putting the kids to bed, Mrs C thought she would enter a few compies!! Thanks to all our facebook friends for giving us lots of tips! Don’t forget to like us!! lol :0)

Comp No 120

Romantic holiday for 2 to Morrocco …..

Comp no 119

A love potion, a three course meal and an overnight stay in London… who shall I take ……..

Comp no 118

Hope we get this one, weekend break to European city for two (p.s. the answer is in the question!!)

Comp no 117

Dr Who competition for a TV etc (shame Dr Who doesn’t deliver it too!!) just like the page and enter the details!!!

Comp No 116

Good old Daybreak what would we do without them!!!! This week its £25,000!! (must remember to watch This Morning and Loose Women more often – just to take one for the team of course!) its a) can’t remember the question but sure i thought to myself ‘must remember a’

Comp no 115

Done this one again with e-bookers – simple enough like the page and enter the competition, apparently it changes every day and you can enter everyday – that’s 365 that we don’t have to worry about!!


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