Are we there yet….


Just a few from me, Mr C……

Comp number 66 the hardest thing about these competitions is reading the anti spam words that you have to type in.  the answer is c.  Its a chance to win a holiday to Orlando plus £5k


Competition number 67 its a chance to win £7k worth of bike stuff including a £4k bike (that’ll be straight on ebay if we win) how can a bike cost that much you could buy a car, you could pay for a months worth of petrol for that amount of money

Competition number 68 is it acceptable to give a weight loss dvd as a birthday present to Mrs C?? I may find out if she’s happy to get it if we win

Competition number 69 if heart home magazine are excited to offer some trays i’m excited to win them alright they’ll end up on ebay as well

Competition number 70 its a £1000 holiday vouchers available, we have to win at least one don’t we?????

 bye for tonight….




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  1. Loving Mr C’s blog tonight – thanks for the Orlando comp – if I win just one out of all these – pleease let it be a florida trip!

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