Just a quickie cos its Saturday!


Just a few tonight – we have wine in hand and are enjoying our Saturday night! but here are the ones that we have entered!

Competition Number 48

Win a Samsung Galaxy Tablet if you sign up with Channel 4 and you can do it via facebook!! http://www.channel4.com/play-win/inbetweeners/moviecomp.html

Competition Number 47

Holiday for 2 in Barbados……all inclusive…..that would be nice!! http://blog.benefitcosmetics.co.uk/competitions/


Competition Number 46

Holiday for 2 in the Isle of Corke on that beautiful River Lee!!! http://www.budget.ie/competition/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=newsletter%2Bemail&utm_content=competition%2Bimage&utm_campaign=dec11

Competition 45

Well we have to confess we did watch Take Me Out tonight!! (not as good as Blind Date!) but we entered the competiton (it would be rude not to!!) http://www.itv.com/entertainment/takemeoutcompetition/competitionone/default.html (answer is b cushion!!)


Competition 44

Thank you to our Number 1 fan we have entered http://www.classicfm.co.uk/win/win-trip-scandinavia-russia-celebrity-cruises/#win-a-trip-to-scandinavia-russia-with-celebrity-cruises ok so we have to listen to John Suchet on Classic FM but that shouldn’t be too difficult!!!


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