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Can’t believe it’s the end of Jan!!!


Can’t believe that it is the end of the month – but we’ve done so well 126 competitions!!! Shame we can’t find ones for things we need like ..a new car… a log burning stove…. complete house redecoration….landscape garden…oh and a driveway (for the new car!) but we’ve got a theme – mainly holidays!!! got a bit frustrated tonight with sites that make you tick lots of ‘sponsors’ grrrrrr which has taken lots of time and then we’ve just binned! but some of the ones below look really good! just hoping someone wins something soon!!! good luck!!!

Comp no 126

this would be way cooler!!! a holiday in a scottish castle!!! ‘out damm spot’ and all that!! fantastic and you get holiday money and a swish dinner for two!

Comp no 125

 i think this would be soooo cool, its one of my favourite 1920’s films!!! now its for four people…..who to take!! (gutted about the £3,000 primark voucher one though, have to register to receive a call from npower to enter – not likely!!)

Comp no 124

another trip to New York – sounds great a stay in China Town!!


Comp no 123

We would love to win this, we went to New York back in ’95 be great to go back and do it in style!!

comp no 122

really want to win a two night spa breakin a suite at the Brooklands Hotel


Sneaky extra one!


Comp No 121

Bit weird this one, click on the banner at the top you then have to work out which options to tick, mine were all around the picture so fingers crossed i checked the right one!!!!

oops forgot to say what it was! truth be told I can’t remember something to do with Desperate Housewives and Hollywood – probably another holiday!! lol :0)

Just found it again – it was a trip to Hollywood courtesy of Perle de lait/Yoplait!!

It’s all go here!!


Well while Mr C is busying himself putting up cabin beds, cooking tea and putting the kids to bed, Mrs C thought she would enter a few compies!! Thanks to all our facebook friends for giving us lots of tips! Don’t forget to like us!! lol :0)

Comp No 120

Romantic holiday for 2 to Morrocco …..

Comp no 119

A love potion, a three course meal and an overnight stay in London… who shall I take ……..

Comp no 118

Hope we get this one, weekend break to European city for two (p.s. the answer is in the question!!)

Comp no 117

Dr Who competition for a TV etc (shame Dr Who doesn’t deliver it too!!) just like the page and enter the details!!!

Comp No 116

Good old Daybreak what would we do without them!!!! This week its £25,000!! (must remember to watch This Morning and Loose Women more often – just to take one for the team of course!) its a) can’t remember the question but sure i thought to myself ‘must remember a’

Comp no 115

Done this one again with e-bookers – simple enough like the page and enter the competition, apparently it changes every day and you can enter everyday – that’s 365 that we don’t have to worry about!!

I’ve run out of witty titles and its only week 4…. sorry



The competition that we want to win the most is the new cooker, because we’re too lazy to clean our current one….  thanks to everyone  who’s forwarded tips to us on facebook, its making it a bit easier and saving us from having to work hard, as we’re lazy, you can spot the common theme thats developing!!

Comp No 114 to win some lovely flowers and enter their monthly comp (so does that count as 12?)

Comp No 113!/meemeedotme like this and share the picture to win some emu’s!!

Comp No 112

we liked the page and then played the game – we can do this every day!!/ebookers?sk=app_135137323266737

Comp No 111

spa goodies and a weekend away

Comp No 110

£10,000 wren kitchen!!

Comp No 109

Wax lyrical at fired earth goodies!!

Comp No 108

2 night dinner bed and breakfast is a fab oxfordshire hotel!

Comp No 107

£500 to spend at Homesense!

Comp No 106

£2,500 sofa from multi york – watch out very tricky question!!!

Comp No 105

for a Baumatic duel fuel range cooker!! (watch out for the poorly worded question)

Comp No 104

not sure we really want this one!

Comp No 103

luxury cruise for two in Paris! 

Comp No 102

hotel stay for 2 choice at over 70 hotels!

We hit 100 only another ‘0’ to go!!!


Well we weren’t going to enter any tonight, but then there wasn’t much on telly was there! so we just did a few -AND HIT OUR HUNDREDTH COMPETITION!! Whoo hoo!!! not won anything yet but most of the deadlines haven’t passed yet, so it’s kind of an investment!! lol!!!

Competiton no 101

ok so we kept on going!!!

This is to win something that we’ve never heard of and apparently its run on gingerbread! some kind of phone!


how fantastic does this sound!!!!

Comp no 98 & 99

Win a 4* or 5* holiday cottage we’ve entered through and on this site


Comp no 97

ok so Mrs C could look like Kirsten D if you squinted, but an Ipad 2 would be nice (def theme here, there’ll prob be like buses fingers crossed!!lol)

Comp no 96

Shame it doesn’t include a hoilday to Argentina, however a tip top weekend theatre trip still sounds fab!

Comp no 95

Never heard of mehe island, but heard of the seychelles and certainly wouldn’t mind going there!

Comp no 94

luxury holiday for 2 to Oman for 5 nights !! yes please!! answer c)

Comp no 93

now we’re sure that Mrs C would like this one ha ha!!

Comp no 92

£10k towards a new car for filling in a questionnaire about our current cars! easy peasy!!

Comp no 91

this could be 92 as well as we entered it twice! win an Ipad 2 or Ipod Nano

Comp no 90

just entered for a Samsung Galaxy tab – it’s thin only 8.6mm!!

Comp No 89

£15,000 with loose women – now that would come in very very handy!!!! (a)

just a sneaky two…


Well this competition popped into Mrs C’s email so she entered it (and actually there were two competitions!!!

Competition 87 & 88

Hopefully we will win an Ipad 2 with Aquafresh (to help with the lack of laptop situation!!) and also while we were there we entered the draw for a holiday to Butlins! (not sure about that but beggars can’t be choosers and all that!!). We had to sign up for the newsletter but that was all!