Lets Go!


Well here goes! This is our very first post – we haven’t even decided what competitions we are going to enter yet, not even found any! It’s quite exciting to think that this time next year we may have either changed our lives completely by winning the lottery or got a year’s supply of toilet roll (and hopefully not cat food because we don’t have a cat!) That we guess is the dilemma – do we enter competitons we definitely want to win (which we probably will do at the start) or do we just enter any old thing (which we will probably do when we get bored!)

Hope you enjoy following our journey – you might even join us – let us know how you do if you enter any of the competitons that we do!!!

Paul & Andrea

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  1. definitely enter all comps – you can sell the things you don’t want (or give them away as presents) and Steve says entering more comps won’t affect the probability of winning each competition and the more you enter the more chance of winning! – love the blog – will be following to see what you win and may even join you on the challenge!

    • Will do Tanya & thanks for the comment! – good idea to sell the things that we don’t want! We’re not statisticians so we’ll take your advice and enter as many as possible! And do join us! you never know what might happen!!! :0)

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