Monthly Archives: December 2011

29th December!


Competition Number 9

Just been sent this link looks really interesting and is launched on 1st Jan – definitely worth keeping an eye on. I’ve just registered and been put in a draw for an Ipad 3! fingers crossed!!


We’re off!!


Competition Number 7

Hope we win an IPad, would beat this laptop we’re using – half the keys are missing! closing date is 10th Jan.

Competition Number 6

We’ve liked this page so we could win some Dior Sunglasses (think Paul would look rather good in them!) Winner picked on 31st Jan…90322544333196

Competition Number 5

Win a beanie hat – keep our heads warm! closing date 31/12.

Competition Number 4

Hope we win this could do with some new clothes! Closing date is 31st December 

Competition Number 3

We might be in with a chance of this weekend away for two to Copenhagen! Closing date is 15th Jan.

Competiton Number 2

we liked and shared this page so we’re in with a chance of winning a holiday to disneyland Paris!…30292280371996

Competition Number 1

our first competition win a 26″ LG TV & DVD player – closing date is 27th January!

Lets Go!


Well here goes! This is our very first post – we haven’t even decided what competitions we are going to enter yet, not even found any! It’s quite exciting to think that this time next year we may have either changed our lives completely by winning the lottery or got a year’s supply of toilet roll (and hopefully not cat food because we don’t have a cat!) That we guess is the dilemma – do we enter competitons we definitely want to win (which we probably will do at the start) or do we just enter any old thing (which we will probably do when we get bored!)

Hope you enjoy following our journey – you might even join us – let us know how you do if you enter any of the competitons that we do!!!

Paul & Andrea